An Unapologetic Merry Christmas

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Unless you have lived in a cave for the last few years, you know there has been much discussion about using the phrase Merry Christmas.  The more recent trend, that is deemed politically correct, is Happy Holidays.  As you read this, for any of you that know me, you are likely suspecting I will say it should be Merry Christmas, because of my Christian upbringing and that I was a pastor for 12 years.  Some of you may be thinking, Ben is a pretty liberal guy despite his religious views, he is likely going to say we should use the generic/all inclusive Happy Holidays.  The truth is I would suggest you use what you prefer.

When it comes to tradition we can sometimes get up in arms about various aspects and most of the time it's downright silly.  The debate of decorating for Christmas before Remembrance Day is one of those areas that to me is not a big deal.  My great uncle and many other people from around the world gave their lives in the fight for freedom.  I believe that freedom is the right for each person to decide when they choose to decorate for Christmas.  In the same way, I believe you have the freedom and right to use whatever Christmas greeting you like.  

I hope that nobody is offended by my use of Merry Christmas, but truth is I don't control your offence.  Is the phrase I use to wish you a great season really that important if I am wishing you well?  The reason I use Merry Christmas is because of my upbringing, my religious views, and also my historical/traditional connection to the phrase.  It actually says something about me and my past that is important to me.  So today, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and regardless of your beliefs and preference, my message to you is have an absolutely fantastic December.  And by all means please wish me a Happy Holidays or whatever phrase you like that wishes me well.   

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