The Haze of Marijuana Legalization

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In case you are living under a rock, today marijuana becomes legal in Canada.  Ever After Acres is a family business and unlike most businesses we share our personal lives and thoughts with you are customers.  We know there are all sorts of opinions on the topic.  There are those in favour and those opposed to legalization.  From what I have read from those in favour and those opposed the striking reality is both are correct.  It's the same truth with almost anything, there are pros and cons.  Very rarely will we find anything purely good or bad, it is more about how we respect and utilize whatever it may be.  

Even when it comes to food we see that many foods have a great benefit but are negative in another way, such as wine benefits for the heart but not beneficial for the liver.  I believe marijuana is the same, full of potential benefits and dangers.  (Lisa is taking her aromatherapy course and one of the big factors is determining risk versus benefit.)  Now that marijuana is legal, each person needs to assess for themselves benefits versus risks.  

I personally think legalization is the proper direction for the government, taking it out of the hands of criminals and letting each Canadian make their own decisions.  We do this with other things such alcohol and firearms, but have regulations and laws in place as to what is an acceptable use for both of those.  

The pros include the fact that marijuana helps millions of people deal with a variety of illnesses.  And I don't know about you, but in my opinion a natural remedy such a marijuana helping an illness is far better than a synthetic drug that has a list of negative effects rivalling the illness itself.  We know our society has many children who deal with parents who come home tired and worn out who then take out their frustrations on their children.  Alcohol exacerbates that issue and can lead to parents being abusive.  Marijuana does the opposite and mellows the user out which is why is marijuana is not associated with violence, other than the illegal criminal element of dealing, which is why the government is legalizing.  There is more but this is small sampling of the pros. 

The cons are also numerous but I believe just like other things legal in our society the user must be responsible for their own actions.  One negative is the effect on young and developing minds.  While the legal limit is the law, I personally believe it is too young as the brain is still developing at age 19 and much research shows that is true until we enter our late 20's.  Another negative aspect is the potential for drivers being impaired, which hopefully most will be glued to their couch instead of driving.  

I personally am in favour of legalization, as medically I have personally seen the benefits in people I know and love.  I also think part of the reason for some being opposed is our upbringing of marijuana being the boogey man.  I grew up in a conservative Christian home and marijuana was basically an automatic entry into hell.  We should however keep in mind marijuana is not a drug that is manufactured, we find it growing in nature.  This is my personal opinion and I am entitled to it, just as the next person has a right to their own opinion.  I could perhaps be wrong and maybe the forbidden fruit in the garden of Eden was actually a bud of cannabis.  

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  • Thanks so much Ruth. I love the choice of the word “mellow”.

    Ben Stevens on
  • Great post and I agree with you, we have the choice to consume or not to consume. I am sure there will be a little more activity around the novelty of legalization for a bit…but people wil “mellow out” and it will just be another choice we have to use it or not.
    There are many benefits for many people
    It should be available legally and quality controlled.

    Ruth A Swansburg on

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