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Thank you all for the encouraging words and prayer for my surgery. It went very well, no complications and I feel physically great! 

Today is 6 weeks since the surgery. Hard to believe that it is all over and I am on other side of it. I see my doctor next week for my final checkup, but I know she will say everything is good :) 

Now, I believe there was some confusion about why I was getting my hysterectomy….I know I shared about PMDD and then shortly after shared about getting the surgery. The hysterectomy has been in the works for many years….due to other issues I have with my menstrual cycle. I had what I called “reverse cycling”, I would bleed for longer than I would not….so about 3 weeks out of every 4. So, the surgery will stop that from happening. But I have kept my ovaries….so I will still cycle, just not bleed and have a period. There are cases where removing the ovaries does cure PMDD, but not in every case and it would also put me in early menopause, which could be a whole other kettle of fish. I decided I would rather deal with the known (PMDD) minus the bleeding, than deal with something new (menopause) and possibly still PMDD. 

So, I am excited to be starting this journey of having no bleeding….it will not take away from my symptoms of PMDD, which we will still have to deal with on a monthly basis. Although, I will continue the treatments I have been using, hoping from one month to the next that they will continue to help. It can be a little tricky, since I will not have the bleeding to help me figure out where I am in my cycle….I believe I will have enough other symptoms that we should be able to figure it out. 

In honesty, the surgery recovery on my emotional/mental state was not good. Shortly after the surgery (maybe 2 or 3 days) I began my symptoms of PMDD and they lasted for most of the first 4 weeks. I think what happened (in my non-medical opinion) was that the surgery jostled around my ovaries and my hormones went into overdrive. They were not sure what to do and what was going on….so they let loose. lol I was a total wreck for a good chunk of the time. I believe that laying in bed, with nothing to take my mind off of itself contributed to those feelings being heightened. I felt lonely and alone….even though I had so many people inquiring to how I was doing, checking on me…I still felt all alone. Ben was busy keeping the house going (which I appreciated VERY MUCH…) and the kids were busy….and sometimes during PMDD I just feel lonely even if I am surrounded by friends and family. 

I was not expecting to feel so sad/depressed/anxious after the surgery. I am not sure why not…cause it makes sense that I would, but in preparing for it, I never thought of preparing myself for feeling like that. I thought I would be so happy to have the surgery done and over with and the thought of never having another period again (or so I thought) would override any negative feelings/thoughts I had. But alas, that is not what happened. It was pretty hellish for those first 4 weeks. And it did not help that I was no allowed to do what I usually do when upset….I clean….and during those weeks I was told not to do any such thing. 

But we made it through….I am now doing much better mentally/emotionally….maybe my hormones have finally stabilized and I will be back just dealing with PMDD “regular” instead of consistent for 4 weeks. 
It is also helpful now that I can get out and do things. I am still trying to take it easy, but overall I am back to normal…..or as normal as I have ever been….hahahaha
So, thank you to all who have been praying/thinking about us. It will still be needed as the months go on, not so much for the surgery recovery (cause that is awesome) but for still dealing with the debilitating symptoms of PMDD. 
April is PMDD awareness month….so #shinealightonpmdd 

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