Ain't No Time For the Summertime...Colds?

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It’s summer. Finally summer. As per my blog post last week I love the beach. I love summer, I love the heat (except when I am trying to sleep…hahaha). 

Unfortunately, I have not been able to enjoy this past week’s weather. Our house got sick. Ugh. It has been over two years since a cold has gone through our house…thanks to basically not going anywhere. And I am glad things have opened up and we are back at craft fairs and such…but along with that comes the opportunity to contact sickness.

It is not Covid…just so everyone knows…not this time anyway. It is ‘just a cold’, but man, I forgot how annoying colds can be. I know it could be worse…especially when I explain how this cold works…but I can still complain. Hahaha

It starts in the sinuses and a sore throat…very quickly (for me anyways) it moved to my chest. Now the odd part…it hits hard in the morning and evening. During the day, it is almost (not quite but almost) possible to forget I even have a cold…except for the debilitating fatigue. But as the afternoon wears on the cough starts and every.single.time it surprises me…hahaha That is how long it has been since I have been sick. 

Ben got it first and it lasted about 10 days…he still has a bit of a lingering cough but otherwise feels good. The kids are dealing with it too, one is almost over it and the other two are in the middle. So, it is a little blessing that this week is rain/not very nice out. At least we are not dealing with kids antsy to go and do…they just feel like laying around…just like me. Hahaha 

But alas, nothing more I can do than what I am currently doing, trying to stay hydrated and getting lots of rest. It will move at it’s own pace…and I gotta let it….so many things in life we cannot control, and sickness is one of them. But on the up side, I have been reading and making dryer balls…and today while laying in bed I will enjoy the sound of the rain…so all in all, as much as summer sickness sucks, a few days of relaxing doesn’t seem so bad. Or that is what I am trying to convince myself of anyways. Hahaha 

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