Born with a Boyfriend

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There is this song, I heard it for the first time awhile ago...I liked it, it was catchy. So, I added it to my playlist. And as I was listening over the months, I realized something about it. 

When I first heard it, my mind pictured a tall, blue eyed, blond woman. I assumed she was outgoing, yet meek. Friendly and kind. The "ideal" woman, whatever that means. hahaha

But as I listened to the words, really listened to them....I realized even though I did not fit the description my mind had made up (no where in the song does it talk about how she looked) I thought back to my dating years...and realized I was that woman. (Or I guess more accurately that girl, since I married at 18, my dating years were all while I was still a girl...hahaha) I wrestled with this information for awhile, how could I be the girl in this song?!?! I was neither tall, nor blue eyes, nor blond....I am shy not outgoing...I am friendly and I do try to be I guess I am partially the "ideal" woman. lol But the idea behind the song is that this girl always had a boyfriend...didn't usually have to look very far for a new one. And that was me. 

This is not a bragging post, anyone who knows me knows that I just do not brag....or I guess I don't think I do, so if you know me and I do brag, please inform me so I can stop. HAHAHA 

But, it is true, from the time I started dating (not really "dating", we called it going out way back then...) when I was 11 years old (oh my goodness...that seems so crazy to me now, having had three girls who are past that age...way too young! lol) I always had a boyfriend. Not necessarily a steady boyfriend, but I had guys who I was interested in...they were interested in me...hanging out happened. It was not always long...but between the time I started my dating career until I got married at 18....I had a lot of boyfriends. I am almost embarrassed to actually say how many I had...I am not ready yet to share that detail...but maybe by the end of the blog. And maybe once you hear no one here will think it is a large number/unreasonable amount. I am just going off of people that I know. Ben did not have many girlfriends, my sister did not have many…my friends did not have as many as me (when we were teenagers…some of them may have had that many by now. Hahaha) 

I never really had a "type". (The first blond guy I ever dated was Ben...and we ended up married. hahaha) But as far as the other boyfriends, they were vastly different in looks. Some were tall (really tall), some were short (never shorter than me but I am pretty short...), brown hair, black hair, different colour eyes, different body builds....even their personalities and interests were different. I dated musicians, I dated aspiring actors, I dated lovers of heavy metal, I dated Christians, I dated atheists...the list goes on. 

I broke up with some, some broke up with me....some it was mutual (and I know people are like, it's never mutual...but let me have this, it is long time ago and I still believe in mutual breakups...hahaha), but it never seemed to matter how the breakup not much time after, there was always someone else. Born with a boyfriend. 

I am not sure (still all these years later) what any of them saw in me. Because, like I said, I never once thought I was anyone's ideal woman....when I hear that song, I still don't picture myself, but you know what? That was there must be something that they saw. Now, obviously, it
doesn't really matter. I got married at 18...and have never looked back...

It is interesting to think about. If I had not been born with a boyfriend, would I be where I am today? If my dating life had been way fewer and further apart, would I have ended up with Ben? There is no way to know, unless someone develops a time machine....and even if they did, would I go back and do it all again? Probably not...hahaha I had to kiss a lot of toads to find my prince, dare I say how many?!?! Ok, folks here is the truth, between the ages of 11 and 17 (cause we got married at 18 but started going out when I was 17)...I had kissed (dated/gone out with...whatever you want to call it..) 30 guys. Yep, that seems like an awful lot looking back now. But because most of them just happened, it really didn't seem like that many at the time. 

Now, if you are reading this (not sure how many men I have on my blog readership) and you were one of the lucky ones (hahahaha) then I thank you, for whatever you saw in me, I thank you for the time we spent together, I thank you that one of us (or both of us) realized that while it was fun we were not destined for each other...but I do believe that my journey included YOU so that I could find the way to my soul better half...the love of my Benjamin. 


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