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Generations ago everyone composted. It was not something people even had to think of doing, they just did it. If you had organic waste, you had a compost pile. 

These days, it seems like the "new" thing to do. There are probably millions of people worldwide composting already, with millions looking into it. (These are my estimations, I did not get them from anyone but in my head...hahaha) There are so many different ways to work composting into your life, from under the counter worm compost bins, to outside small bucket composting to large pile composting. What will work for you will depend on your housing situation and your family size. If you live in an can still compost! There are tons of resources on the internet on how to get started with a worm compost farm.

We have a fairly large property, as well as a large we will produce more organic waste than a smaller family. So we have decided to build a larger compost pile at the back of our mowed property (we own a lot of wooded land). This is our first go at it, so I am sure it will be learning curve. But we really hope others will join us on this journey and start composting with us! 

There are lots of great resources out there to help people out. The government of New Brunswick has a book called Backyard Magic: The Composting Handbook. Here is a link: This goes through why to compost as well as the different methods and the how to's.

Composting is good for the environment (less waste in the landfills), good for our health (better soil means better vegetables/plants) and good for our souls (many studies have indicated that gardening can help treat depression and anxiety and just everyday stress, which works best if you have good quality soil to work with).

So, join us in this journey...and let us know if you find any good tips along the way :)  

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