Comfort In The Daily Grind

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I was thinking about what comforts me, not necessarily when upset, but even the little things I do during normal days, just to show myself I care....for myself. The little things that help me take a step back from the daily grind and remind me that life is meant to be enjoyed. 

I wrote a blog on singing, not performance singing, but just singing for myself, because I enjoy music, and I would put that under my list of comfort tools.

One I am actually doing right now, as I write this and sparked the idea for this blog, is sitting in the sun. That is it, it is such a simple one (when there is sun...hahaha). Sometimes while sitting in the sun I read or talk with someone, if they happen to be here. Sometimes I go on my phone, see what the world of Facebook is up to. And sometimes I just sit and enjoy the warmth. 

We have a sunporch, which we love, it has a comfy couch (now we have had lots of different set-ups in the time we have lived here), and lots of windows to let the beautiful sun in. I feel like a cat, curled up in a patch of sun, and if/when that patch moves...I move along with it. Spring and fall are the perfect sunroom seasons. Winter is too cold, even on sunny days and most summer days are too hot. The sweet spot is spring and fall. 

Another of my comforts is a hot drink. I don't have them often, lately, because I am still looking for the perfect one. Maybe that sounds odd, but I once loved coffee...but then could only drink even decaf is not something my body likes/can handle. I have always loved hot chocolate but can no longer eat chocolate of any kind. I love the idea of herbal tea but have a hard time finding one I do actually love. Ben drinks hot carob drink (kinda like chocolate but not), I enjoy once in awhile but do not LOVE it. So, I am still on the search, I am sure I will find one, just gotta keep looking. I just remembered that I used to drink warm bone broth....I might try that again. 

What do you do to comfort yourself, the little things? The things that do not even require thinking about it, they are just habit for you? 

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