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I used to have a blog…before this one. It was years ago. It was called A Lady's Touch (Or A Ladies Touch, I cannot even remember exactly what it was called, if anyone remembers, or has a link, I would love it! lol). It was very different from this one. The whole idea behind it was to share encouragement for wives. I was a pastor's wife at the time, I was always a little ‘risky’ as a pastor's wife. But I had a lot of women who followed my blog, because I gave them tangible ways to bless their husbands. Sometimes love is in the little things we do for our spouses. So each week, I would come up with a way that we, as women, could do something specifically for our husband. I tried to make sure it was solely for him, and I always did it along with the women. Sometimes it was done in secret, and it was never done for the praise or thanks. It was just as helpful for my own marriage as it was for the women who joined in (and I only know it was helpful for them, because they shared their experiences with me). It was nice…because each week I knew I would be doing one ‘out of the ordinary’ thing to show my husband how much I loved him. 


I know I do a million little (and big things) all the time…but so often I just do them, and not even reflect on why I am choosing to do them. Having that blog, and knowing that other women were counting on me to help support them and in their own marriages, really made me take a step back and really get in tune with my husband and his needs. Being intentionally in what I was doing, for even just one small blessing, took my marriage to a different level. And I know other women felt the same.

Our life is very different now. I am no longer a pastor's wife, I am no longer a stay at home mom…I am still home, but now we have a business that we work at together, so my focus is not solely on cooking, cleaning, kids…we really truly share all of the ‘house work’ type stuff. But I often think about that time in our life, while there were many problems (we still have problems but they are different now...hahaha) having that weekly blog helped me see all the good things. Because while I was doing one intentional ‘good deed’, I was also more aware of  what little things he does for me. And they are as vast and as plentiful as what I do for him. 

If I were to do it again, I would not be so specific with who you could do these blessings for. I would not specify husband… (and maybe I didn’t, I might have said partner…I cannot remember now. Hahaha) I would have broadened it to be more inclusive. But you have to remember that was from the perspective of a pastor's wife, a baptist pastor's wife. You know the saying…when you know better, do better. And I would do better if I were to do that type of blog again. I would make sure to include any type of relationship. Now it was meant for a romantic relationship…you would not want to do some of those things for your mom!!! hahaha (remember I said I was always a little ‘risky’ as a pastor's wife. lol) 

This is not really a post to gauge interest in that type of blog…but to share how being intentional in even one little thing each week can really open up our own eyes and help us appreciate what we have with our significant other….when the daily grind of life can sometimes dull our senses and make us forget just how special our relationships are. And if this does make you sit back after reflecting and you realize you do not do little blessings….intentionally or unintentionally, maybe you should start. I will attest that it will always help your relationship, because who does not want to be loved. ‘The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and to be loved in return.’  
-Moulin Rouge 


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