I Miss Strangers

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That's a pretty creepy title if I do say so myself, but I will explain.  The world has drastically changed since last January when we first heard about Covid-19.  And the obvious reality is I miss my family and friends even though we in Atlantic Canada have been very fortunate to be able to interact with people in limited settings.  For awhile it almost seemed like things were returning to a semblance of normal, despite the masks and other new realities.  Now back in the Orange phase again here in Moncton we are limited even greater than before limited to our own family household bubble.  

We are following the rules and regulations because we believe our leaders and we saw it work earlier this year.  We also are because we know when a sickness gets in our house it tends to travel through everyone, meaning our house has sickness for a month if not longer.  We also have some vulnerable people in our family that we want to protect.  I know we aren't alone as we had to do a Costco run for the business on Monday and Costco was incredibly slow, people staying home.  

I have realized this numerous times throughout the pandemic that one thing I really miss is strangers.  I'm the type of person that doesn't get nervous talking to strangers.  I am that guy that if your kid is giving you a hard time as a parent I'm likely to look at the kid and say you should listen to your mom or dad.  I go to the cashier instead of self checkout, prior to Covid anyways.  

There is something about interacting with fellow human beings that we don't know but yet share in this thing called life.  I am sure an extra cause of this empty hole is having all our events cancelled where we would interact with hundreds of people.  You get to hear stories from so many people and see different personalities.  In fact, we have several people we consider friends that prior to Ever After Acres we didn't even know.  The opportunity to meet and interact with new people is so restricted thanks to Covid.  

I miss stories like walking through the Shediac market as a customer and one of the vendors points to me and says I know you.  I look at him and don't recognize him so I'm not sure why he recognizes me.  Then he says "Are you the guy who was peed on by your cat and dog in the same day"?  This was a stranger who saw a post online and when he saw me in person had see if it was me.  We had a laugh and conversation, it was great.  

I am sure there is also a subconscious effect on us as humans with people walking a longer path to avoid coming to close, leaning to the side as we walk by, backing away from people and other such practices.  There must be a part of our brain that feels rejected and hurt even though we can consciously acknowledge it's a result of Covid.  

Even interaction in stores is so different now with our faces covered and as a result of limiting contact we barely acknowledge other people in the stores.  I'm not saying this is wrong, in fact I believe it's a necessary evil for us to get past this pandemic.  I am simply saying I miss what we had and it is not just the people I know and love, it is people I don't even know.  Anyone else feel this empty spot in their life?

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