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I best start by saying...aaaahhhhhhh!!!!!  It has been one hell of a year that's for sure.  I should start by saying though that I don't believe for a moment we are in the apocalypse or anything like that.  History repeats itself and if you look at history the world has years like this quite often in the scope of human history.  In fact the last great global pandemic was during a world war, so we are doing ok comparatively. That doesn't mean that we are unaffected by the events of 2020.  In fact I think you would be hard pressed to find anyone who has been unscathed by this global pandemic.  That is saying something considering how easy we have had it in New Brunswick when you look at many places in the world.   

What we don't often talk about is how it truly is affecting us at a deeper level.  And for some of us, like myself, I'm not sure we are consciously aware of the impact.  I tend to be affected by stress in the way that I don't consciously feel stressed but all of a sudden my body does weird things that Lisa and I eventually figure out is stress.  I know some of you are just consciously stressed while some of you are feeling the effects unbeknownst that your health problem is stress.   

Back in April some of you may have seen our post about me having a bleeding ulcer.  Well it has been 6 months since that first trip to the emergency room and I still have issues.  Every morning I had blood in my mouth that had come up my throat as I slept, that lasted about 4 months.  I still have pain off and on, and my diet is limited to next to nothing, and I can only do so much physical work before I get stomach pains.   

If you are like most people I tell this too, you are probably thinking why are you not getting tested or seeing doctor/specialists.  I have been to the emergency room 3 different times over this issue and each time they have done blood work to make sure the level of my bleeding is not life threatening.  They told me I would have to wait till they start doing scopes again and go through the specialist.  I jokingly tell Lisa if I die from whatever this is I want to be classified as dying from Covid since it has prevented me from receiving tests to even figure out what I have.  That is a sad truth that they are just starting to talk about is the amount of people that will die from the impacts of Covid but not Covid directly.  

I have thankfully finally had two scopes as well as a HIDA scan, which all revealed very little.  The doctor did say from all the tests he sees nothing overly concerning.  There is something extremely frustrating about test after test of doctor saying everything looks normal, but knowing something is wrong.  Those type of results create a paradox of both comforting and discomforting at the same time.   

It really has become just a normal way of life for me.  We share pretty much everything about our life but this has been an area I haven’t said a whole lot because I am not really sure what to say about it since I have no idea.  The evidence of stress in our home is very real for not only the adults but children as well.  And I will admit it feels almost embarrassing that stress might be having a very real impact on my life but the reality is I believe almost everybody on the planet right now is experiencing varying degrees of stress.  

Prior to Covid most of you know we were out doing almost every event available promoting our business.  With our current health issues we have chosen to focus our attention online for our business.  And it really is a double edged sword.  While my health has been troubled it also is the best it has been.  Let me explain.  Yes something in my digestive system is not performing properly.  Since April I have lost 50lbs and because of my restricted diet, when my digestive issue is not acting up, I feel the best I have since probably in my early 20s.  

I know most businesses don't share information like this but our business model is one of knowing our customers and sharing our lives.  Sort of like the Old General Store in a small town where we know our customers and they know us.  I also share because my wife inspires me daily to speak the truth because the idea that what we deal with in life is solitary is a lie.  The truth can help others recognize that maybe their issue is stress or that they aren't alone in their stress.

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