Christmas Season Surprise

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This is sort of a continuation of my previous blog titled "We Need To Talk About The "F" Word".  Where I shared about something medically that happened to me that was quite alarming.  As a result of that I was referred to a specialist for further testing and I'm happy to say all the results have been good news and likely just a bursted blood vessel.  To get to these results though I had to have a number of tests.  The last and final test was two days before Christmas, which was a surprise in itself, as I was told it could be a long time before I got in.  The biggest surprise was yet to come.   

There was no prep or requirements for this ultrasound of my bladder.  The unknown can be scary but I was able to get sleep the night before because I've had ultrasounds before, not a big deal. 

That morning Lisa dropped me off at the George Dumont Hospital, which I have not been to in a long time.  Well, the information on file was from my previous address, phone number and instead of Lisa as wife they had my mom as my contact.  Like I said, it's been awhile.  I described to a friend the Dumont feels almost like they took a hotel and turned it into a hospital.  A lobby at the start and then a maze of narrow hallways and doors.  I found my way and ended up in a tiny room with six chairs waiting to get called.  I sat across from a man who had fallen asleep sitting in his chair snoring away.  I'm not judging, in fact, I looked at him and was like "Yep, that's me in about ten years".  

The nurse came to the doorway and called me and as we walked she asked if I've had this procedure before.  I said not for my bladder but that I have had ultrasounds before and she nodded.  As we walked into the room for the ultrasound it was a good size, not like the small ultrasound rooms at the Moncton Hospital.  She pointed me to the bathroom and said "You need to go in and take off everything, use the bathroom and then put on these slippers and the gown".  Having had ultrasounds before I was like I guess the George Dumont has different procedures cause at the Moncton Hospital they let you keep you pants or underwear on since they aren't really in the way.  New hospital to me, "Ok" I thought.  

Then I came out and laid down on the table.  The nurse came over and applied the jelly on my stomach and then placed the ultrasound device on my belly.  She held it in place for about 5 seconds and said "Alright, all done".  Then as she started walking away she said "Stay there, now we wait for the doctor".  Now I was really confused as I thought ultrasounds always take longer than that and since when do doctors show up to ultrasounds?  

Then I began looking around and I noticed an IV pole with a bag on it and at the end of my bed was a medical tray with lots of stuff on it.  Then it hit me and my brain slowly caught up to the fact this wasn't an ultrasound I have experienced.  My head began to swirl with possibilities and I remember thinking I am some glad I was not aware it was more than just an ultrasound like I've experienced before as there would have been no sleep the night before.  

The doctor walked in and went into the back room and sat down.  He hollers to me asking if I had my blood work to which I replied "Yes".  A few minutes later he said "Results are perfect, all good".  Then he came out and sat down beside me at which point I said "The nurse asked if I have had this procedure and I said yes I've had ultrasounds before.  But this is not one of those is it?".  He laughed and said "No, this is a little more invasive".  Which I gathered by that time since as I was talking the nurse had pulled my blanket down and my gown up leaving me fully exposed.  

I will leave the rest unspoken but it was the most invasive procedure I have ever had and I have had my body cut open before and colonoscopy.  For the record, to any guys that may experience this at some point in your life, it's surprisingly not as bad as you might think.  Not enjoyable, by any means, but not what one would imagine either.  At this point if you are left with a blank having no idea what I'm talking about you can look up the procedure called cystoscope.  That was my Christmas season surprise and I sure wish I was on video when my brain clicked in to what was happening cause I bet it went from comfort to pure terror.  

During this season, even when things aren't what we thought or expected, may we be mindful there are others grieving lost ones, those in hospitals, those with broken hearts and other suffering.  Be kind and love each other regardless of the time of year.  

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