Oh No at 5 O's

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One of my greatest memories as a kid was our regular trips to the local corner/convenience store.  It was called 5 O's on the Old Shediac Road, which amazingly it has returned to that same name.  The local kids would go for the penny candies, pop&chips, chocolate bars, and even movie rentals for a period of time.  It was also a place adults would stop for the smokes, bag of milk, bread, or their treats.  

My experience began at home because we always travelled a short route cutting through my backyard and my Aunt's, who lived behind us.  We came out of her yard onto Scott Street which is where 5 O's was located.  Then a hop, skip and a jump we were there.  It was one of the greatest parts of the day, if we were lucky enough to get to go.  Nothing better than grabbing an ice cream or junk food and lean against the brick wall just outside eating it with your friends looking as cool as possible.  The store had mostly junk food along with your essentials like bread and milk, and of course a large magazine section.  

On this one particular day we were taking our time exploring the store as there was no rush, we were in the place we loved so dearly.  I have no idea how old I was but probably between 8-12.  We went over to the rack of magazines, which was very different than magazine racks today.  This was a section of wall that had a variety of magazines and most were aimed at kids, whether it was MAD Magazine, Hockey magazines, animal magazines and of course comics...including Archie Comics.  


Archie Comics were usually on the front of the second tier, almost perfectly at eye level for us kids.  This particular day we were standing looking at them when I picked up a magazine of very similar size and shape but not an Archie Comic.  I do not recall what magazine it was but the cover intrigued me enough I opened it up.  My eyes likely popped out of my head as the inside contained a graphically explicit picture of a woman.  I feel like I might have elbowed my friend and showed him but being close to 40 years ago and the chaos that ensued I'm not 100% sure.  Either way at some point the man working behind the counter who was the owner noticed what I was doing but lacking the manner in which it happened, yelled for me to get out.  I know he told me to get out and threatened to contact my parents. 

Needless to say it was a little bit before I felt comfortable showing my face back in the store.  That was one of, if not, my first experiences of a sexual nature, apart from Archie Comics.  Now let's be honest, Archie Comics were pretty close to teenage porn in words and cartoon.  So that's the story of how I got kicked out of 5 O's as a kid.

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  • Awesome. Ahhh youth.

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