F*#% You 2021

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My apologies for the implied cursing but sometimes a swear word is all that really grasps the depth and feeling of the moment.  And for all you know I really was simply saying fart.  My mom's voice ringing in my head that fart is a bad word and not to say it causing me to imply that I was saying fart.  Anyone else legit raised that fart was a bad word?  Enough about farts, let's move on to 2021 and how it stinks like a fart.     

We had a fantastic New Years Eve with homemade Chinese food, a murder mystery, bonfire and fireworks.  Even though my daughter in the middle of the murder mystery says "Does the murderer know they are, like does it say in their book?"  Anyone paying attention quickly realized she was not the murderer.  Rookie mistake.  So, our 2020 ended in a pretty great way.  

The next day we were up and off to the vet with Maddie, our dog with Addisons disease.  Long story short she had the farts in liquid form due to a gastrointestinal infection.  She spent the night in the doggie hospital on liquids and medication.  She is doing better now but another giant vet bill was not the greatest start to a new year.  Yes, I was the guy who thought people who spent lots of money on their pets was ridiculous and now I am that guy.  I know some of you think it's crazy and I completely get it cause I used to be there before one of my best friends was a dog.  Rabbit trail - my daughter got a book from the library about dogs written by a lady who's first name is Cat..that's funny.   

Then on January 4th I had an appointment for the old persons examination..a colonoscopy.  Apparently though it is more a middle age examination cause unless apparent issues young people don't get them and they don't typically do them past like 75 years old according to my doctor.  So, my 2021 started off shitty (pun intended) and then someone looked at where it comes from with a camera. I am thankful for medical system but you gotta admit it's pretty hilarious when described matter of fact as I just did.  So, the result from my intestinal photoshoot  was that I may have Crohns or Colitis or something along those lines.  I am glad to find out what my ongoing issues are but still sucky news to start the new year.


Then the province went into the orange phase, which basically means you are limited to your household members and co-workers.  In our case they are the same people, I am not going to comment on the grounds I might incriminate myself.  I get that everyone is tired of Covid and some people have it way worse but that doesn't make it any less real for us not to be able to see people we love.  We also missed out on our 25th anniversary trip due to Covid, technically prior to the new year but we would have been going in 2021.  

Then a few days ago I was out skating with my kids, being a good dad.  Silly me thought I was still 20 and was skating fast pretty much showing off to Niah.  Then I caught an edge and down I went pulling something in one knee trying to prevent the fall and then blunt impact with the other as I landed.  Nothing requiring hospital trip, thankfully.  So, I basically have two very sore knees...there is definitely an inappropriate joke in there somewhere.    


That is the first 14 days of 2021 from Ever After Acres.  Wait...there is more.  Yesterday I went to grab my toolbox and a piece of metal had bent and was sticking out so when I grabbed it the metal jammed pretty deep into my index finger.  Thankfully not bad enough to bother with the hospital but realized the metal was spotted like a leopard but with rust.  Called my doctor to check my last tetanus shot and apparently it was in 2002.  She told me to come in to get one.  Odd experience as I went to the door of her office, standing in the hall, take off my jacked, knock on the door, out she comes and jabs me in the arm before retreating back into the office.


Our start to 2021 has not been so great but sometimes it's about perspective.  Lisa and I had a great anniversary and New Years still together and madly in love.  Maddie thankfully is still with us after some tough medical challenges.  We finally are getting some answers about my health, should be able to find a new normal.  The weather has allowed us to have a great rink to enjoy as a family making memories for a lifetime.  And finally, my tetanus shot is up to date for another 10 years.  What a great start to 2021.  I hope yours has been good and if not there is a chance looking at it from a different angle just may help.  If a new perspective doesn't help, I'm so sorry for whatever you are going through and say F#%! you 2021 on your behalf.

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