Sink or Swim

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The stories I tell will almost always be stories from further back in my past but once in awhile events may arise that warrant a story from closer to the present.  This past week I had an event I wish was captured on video instead of only through written story, but I'll make do with what I have and hope you can picture it in your mind.

So last week we decide the work space for Ever After Acres needed a new faucet as the one that was there was broken and unusable.  Sometimes I get motivated to do a project around the house and on this particular day I unclogged a sink and thought I should replace the faucet right now.  I said to Lisa why don't we get a faucet and replace the broken one, and I'm pretty sure she had her shoes on ready to go before I finished my sentence.  

We went to the stores just down the road and ended up at HomeHardware in Saint Antoine.  I thought we had found one that work and would get back to install it right away.  Lisa was a little unsure about the selection though and looked up and found one for a better price at Canadian Tire.  This is where two people can have two different ideas.  I was simply thinking any faucet will do if it supplies water but Lisa was looking for the style she wanted.  We ended up going to Shediac Canadian Tire to get the faucet.  

It was almost mid-afternoon by the time we got back and I could install the faucet.  By this time my excitement and drive to install it had waned and now it was more of a chore much later in the day than I hoped.  My mind was not quite focused on the task at hand and I made the biggest blunder you can make when doing plumbing.  I disconnected the faucet without shutting off the water.  Immediately I knew the mistake I made cause I was instantly covered in water.  I jumped up and ran as fast as I could to the basement to shut off the water.  You guessed it, there was no shut off valve under the sink.  So in the 30 seconds or so it took to run down and turn off the water a lot of water got out into the room.  

We eventually had a good laugh about the whole thing but in the immediate moment it wasn't so funny.  The truth is many of the funniest stories we have lack that comedy in the moment but afterward become great tales.  While this is not one of the greatest stories I have to share I want to share stories that also happen currently, not just the ones from years past.

I had a similar mishap as a teenager at my parents cottage.  My dad always puts a plastic bag down the drain of the shower when we close up for the winter.  One Spring after everything was hooked up I decided to have a shower.  I failed to notice the plastic bag shoved in the shower drain.  As I finished my shower and stepped out I noticed I was standing in almost ankle deep water.  I shouted out to my friend who was in the living room at the other end of the cottage and said "Whoa you should see the water in here, it's almost ankle deep".  My friend replied, "You should see the water out here".  Almost precisely at that moment my dad walked in and said the most profane words to that point in my life I had ever heard from him "Jiminy Cricket".



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