Isn't That The Raisin Kid?

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Our family loves to look up and discover what weird and wacky holidays are celebrated on any given day.  Think of anything, literally anything, and there is likely a coinciding holiday for that thing.  Today, if you didn't realize, it is cinnamon raisin bread day.  I'm not sure but there is likely also a cinnamon raisin toast day out there as well.  Our family loves cinnamon raison bread, whether it's with butter, melted cheese or peanut butter.  Don't knock it till you've tried it.  The fun part is that today being that specific day reminded me of a very memorable day in our lives. 

Way back when Adrianna was our only child, she had a very interesting day.  I love my kids very much but just saying when she was our only child caused me to daydream for just a moment.  Back to the story.  Adrianna, who we also call Andy, came to us and said she had something in her nose.  Upon further questioning we discovered our little 3 year old Andy had stuck a raisin up her nose as far as she could.  Children placing things in their nose or ears is a pretty normal childhood activity.  There is just that exploratory nature of kids that go this is about the same size as the hole in my head I wonder if it was made to go there.  Lisa got a pencil eraser stuck in her ear as a kid and I know I put a thing or two in my ear and nose.  This part of the story is nothing really unique, in fact I hope you share with me what you or your kids have stuck in their ear or nose.  Stick with me as the story does get a little more unique from the normal childhood practice of shoving things in places they don't belong.  

We ended up taking Andy to the hospital to get it removed and amazingly the hospital did not have the proper tools to remove the raisin.  This was like 20 years ago so things were a little different, but I remember being surprised even back then.  Gunshot wound they got the tools, burn victim they got the tools, disease and illness they got the tools, a raisin in your nose...nope, you're screwed.  So we drove to a ear, nose and throat doctor's office they referred us to and he, using his one of a kind magical tool, removed the raisin.  That has to be a powerful feeling when the hospital says we can't handle it and they send people over for you to fix.  We gave Andy the talk about how you don't put things in your nose or ears or anywhere else.  While it was not the ideal way to spend a morning it's part of life with kids and the dumb things they do, we all were like that at one point.    

Our day, however, was not over as within a few hours of being home from our ordeal we heard a thud and crying.  Andy had tripped running in the hall and fallen into the corner of table in the hall.  Blood was gushing from a pretty deep gash in her forehead and guess where we were going once again.  Yep, back to the hospital for the second time that day.  And at this point because of our last experience I wasn't quite convinced they could handle the situation if a raisin confounded them.  

As we walked through the door towards the nurses station they looked over and said "Isn't that the raisin kid?".  Yes, it was in fact the raisin kid back for a completely different raisin...I mean reason.  Oh, I failed to tell you this was Lisa's first day at a new job and so she had to go and left me with the bleeding kid.  I will admit that when I was younger I was not the best father...too young and dumb.  I did however on this day get it right as I held my daughter's hand as they stitched her up, even though I do not handle blood well at all.  She laid there not making a sound as they fixed her up and I could not have been more proud of her, just as I am today cause she is a wonderful lady in every way.  

So that is the story that cinnamon raisin bread made me think of today.  The day my little princess Andy took two trips to the hospital within a few hours.  I don't remember what the rest of the day was like but I imagine a pretty cranky kid with a raw nasal passage and throbbing headache.

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