Tough As Nails Lip Balm

  • $6.00

Tough As Nails = strong and very determined; having great strength of body, mind or will and resilient in the face of hardship or pain. 

Does this sound like someone you know? In today's world, while we may all feel like we need to be strong and determined, there are those who this comes naturally for. They are the ones that take what life has thrown at them and climbed the mountains and beyond, they are the ones who takes the lemons and makes lemonade, they are the ones who show great strength of the body (the doers), the mind (thinkers) or the will (perseverance). They are the movers and shakers. 

This chocolate flavoured lip balm is for all who are Tough As Nails, and all who strive to be. Let it be a reminder to you every day that you are and can be Tough As Nails and the world will be a better place because you are. 

Our lip balms are made with all natural ingredients.  We do our very best to use the ingredients known to be beneficial to our lips and their health.  We avoid adding sugars and items that can damage sensitive lips.  

We also believe in being ecologically friendly and therefore make sure our lip balms tubes are recyclable.  When they are empty give them a quick rinse and throw them in your blue/recyclable garbage.

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter, Beeswax,
                    All Natural Flavouring, Vitamin E.