Mental Health Lip Balm

  • $5.00

Does looking at this label stress you out? Do you find it too chaotic? Or do you look at it and feel understood and heard? 

Mental Health is very near to our hearts here at Kissing Cherries, we understand that so many people are fighting internal battles that no one knows about. We wanted our label to reflect just how messy our brains can get....and we are proud to offer this lip balm as a practical way for others to help those dealing with it. For every sale $1 will be donated to a charity that either researches or helps illnesses of the mind. 

The scent of Blueberry was chosen because blueberries are excellent for your mental health....and while our lip balms may not have the antioxidants that fresh blueberries have, it is our hope that every time you apply this lip balm, you will be reminded that our mental health matters and the sweet scent will lift your spirits. 

Our lip balms are made with all natural ingredients.  We do our very best to use the ingredients known to be beneficial to our lips and their health.  We avoid adding sugars and items that can damage sensitive lips.  

We also believe in being ecologically friendly and therefore make sure our lip balms tubes are recyclable.  When they are empty give them a quick rinse and throw them in your blue/recyclable garbage.

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter, Beeswax,
                    All Natural Flavouring, Vitamin E.